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Hence, you needed to use a host that had the same byte ordering as your target to create a CRAMFS image.

This wiki page has links to many patches being used by members of the CE Linux Forum.

I have a inexpensive Chinese IP-Camera that runs a linux (busybox, to be precise) off a 8-MB SPI flash IC. It has a hardware serial port, and I've gotten access to it, but the linux terminal appears to be disabled or simply turned off.

Found Spi(cs1) ID: 0x C2 0x20 0x17 0x C2 0x20 0x17 Spi(cs1): Block:64KB Chip:8MB Name:"MX25L6406E" envcrc 0x5878e4b2 ENV_SIZE = 0xfffc In: serial Out: serial Err: serial Press Ctrl C to stop autoboot CFG_BOOT_ADDR:0x58040000 8192 Ki B hi_sfc at 0:0 is now current device ### boot load complete: 1884992 bytes loaded to 0x82000000 ### SAVE TO 80008000 ! hisilicon # printenv bootcmd=fload;bootm 0x82000000 baudrate=115200 bootfile="u Image" da=mw.b 0x82000000 ff 1000000;tftp 0x82000000 img;sf probe 0;flwrite du=mw.b 0x82000000 ff 1000000;tftp 0x82000000 user-x.cramfs.img;sf probe 0;flwrite dr=mw.b 0x82000000 ff 1000000;tftp 0x82000000 romfs-x.cramfs.img;sf probe 0;flwrite dw=mw.b 0x82000000 ff 1000000;tftp 0x82000000 web-x.cramfs.img;sf probe 0;flwrite dc=mw.b 0x82000000 ff 1000000;tftp 0x82000000 custom-x.cramfs.img;sf probe 0;flwrite up=mw.b 0x82000000 ff 1000000;tftp 0x82000000 update.img;sf probe 0;flwrite ua=mw.b 0x82000000 ff 1000000;tftp 0x82000000 upall_verify.img;sf probe 0;flwrite tk=mw.b 0x82000000 ff 1000000;tftp 0x82000000 u Image; bootm 0x82000000 dd=mw.b 0x82000000 ff 1000000;tftp 0x82000000 mtd-x.jffs2.img;sf probe 0;flwrite ipaddr= serverip= netmask= ethaddr=:4b:6b:b6 HWID=8043420004048425 ob_start=0 ob_data=7b app System Language=Simp Chinese app Video Standard=PAL bootdelay=5 bootargs=mem=40M console=tty AMA1,115200 console=tty AMA0,115200 root=/dev/mtdblock1 rootfstype=cramfs mtdparts=hi_sfc:256K(boot),3520K(romfs),2560K(user),1280K(web),256K(custom),320K(mtd) stdin=serial stdout=serial stderr=serial verify=n ver=U-Boot 2010.06-svn (Jun 16 2014 - ) Environment size: 1272/65532 bytes hisilicon # help ?

It provides compression on the storage media, like CRAMFS, and also allows read and write access, instead of read-only access in the case of CRAMFS.

In addition to CRAMFS's limitations, the tools provided for creating CRAMFS filesystem images used to be subject to the host's byte ordering.

Otherwise, any GID above 255 will wrap around to a number below 255 and, possibly, create a security risk.

If you absolutely need a filesystem that can support at least 16-bit GIDs, you may want to consider using a disk filesystem over a RAM disk.

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