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You don’t want to push going into a relationship too soon after a breakup or other life changes not everyone is ready to take the scene on. Great, let’s look at what we should do to turn them down. Tell them you still want to date others and tell them you have nothing in common.

Being honest yourself will save grief if you go back to dating post-breakup too soon. Honesty is the best approach unless the person is a stalker. Life Hacker covered this dilemma:“When it comes to turning someone down, being active is always better than being passive. Don’t stall, avoid confrontation, or just assume that they will eventually “take the hint.” Give a definitive no so both of you can move on with your lives.” Tell them you value them too much and dating would be an issue and could ruin the friendship. Tell them you are looking somewhere else at this time.

Rachel, 28 "I am very blunt when I'm not interested.

I don't have to do that very often, though, because I'm also very blunt when I don't want to give someone my number.

First Things First: Stay Honest While politely declining an invitation can be complicated, making up a fake significant other or lying about your weekend plans is totally uncool can make you look bad.

Express that you're flattered, but not interested.

—we've got some tips on how to decline a date in the kindest way possible.

Read on for how to face the moment graciously and walk away feeling guilt-free.

There are better words and actions for you to use during the conversation, if it even gets beyond “no thank you.” “If you need some help with the actual words you use, here’s a good place to start: "This is not easy for me to say, and perhaps it won’t be easy for you to hear. No matter what the reason may be, you can say no to a date with some semblance of grace and tact. Most of us don’t like saying “No” or want to hurt someone’s feelings. Maybe you can’t say no and tend to go through with decisions despite the gut check.You could be in a different place in your life, where you don’t want to take a step back into the dating scene. It could be dating burnout, relationship figure, or you need to be alone. You have nothing in common--they say things that make you want to change addresses, or something that’s a huge turnoff.recommends that you respond to the initial contact at or any other reputable dating site if the message was courteous. “THE WORDS LINCOLN LIVED BY” An acclaimed treasury of Lincoln quotations 3.We think it’s rather impolite to simply ignore someone who’s taken the time to write you a nice inquiry. You certainly have many accomplishments, but I’m afraid this just isn’t a good fit.” Or, “You certainly are attractive, but I’m afraid this just isn’t a good fit. “TIME TACTICS OF VERY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE” Regarded world-wide as one of the greatest time management books ever. MEM-CARDS 10 techniques to improve your communication skills 5.

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Although you may have been granted admission to your dream college, you still may need to cover the rest of your college dues if you didn't land a full-tuition scholarship or your financial aid doesn't foot the entire bill.

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But always and in all media, we insist on the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior when we gather and deliver the news.

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“I just find it attractive – some people like dark hair, some like blue eyes, I just like a giant wallet,” she said.

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Brooke Penelope Davis Baker was born at New Brunswick County Hospital in Tree Hill, North Carolina, to parents Robert Theodore "Ted" Davis, Jr.