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Saying evolution has honed our inner alarms is an understatement.

So why do so many women make it a habit to ignore their body's built-in danger and douchebag radars?

When our mind is full like this, we’re far away from our intuition and, as a result, we make bad decisions — particularly when it comes to relationships.

So set aside half an hour a day to clear your mind. I’ve counselled many clients who have lived out the same bad relationship over and over again.

Sometimes what seems like your gut talking can actually be old hurts and wounds getting vocal. But if that nagging small voice has been consistently giving the same warning for a while now, it’s wise to take heed. Are my gut feelings saying the same thing as close friends and family who know me well, and whose opinion I respect?

If so, some healing, therapy, prayer, or straight talk with yourself might be in order. If so, it adds credence to the intuition you may be trying to dismiss. It’s easy to develop blind spots when our emotions are focused on the possibility of lasting love.

Sometimes it can be difficult to listen to, and trust our intuition in the area of relationships.

Even professional intuitives have a hard time in this area.

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I'm not saying every dude who feels off to you is actually dangerous, although women's intuition can definitely be useful in those cases (if you want to hear more about that, I recommend checking out , an incredible book by Gavin de Becker).Just that sometimes your lizard brain can process things on a deeper level than you normally do on the surface, and that's a valuable thing that shouldn't be ignored.Haven't you ever ended something with some escaped demon from hell disguised as a human man only to tell yourself you "should have known"?Are you fed up looking for love in all the wrong places? As a psychic consultant, I believe the real reason we struggle to find the perfect partner is because we ignore our instincts. All of us have had feelings about people that have been correct, yet we can’t put our finger on why we felt the way we did.We turn our back on our inner wisdom and listen to what people tell us rather than using our sixth sense. You might think love is complicated, but when you use your instincts you’ll see it’s simple. We often know when a partner is lying to us, even if every logical sign is to the contrary.

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