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0 ITEM #5317: WATERMAN’s 0552 WITH GOLD FILLED GOTHIC OVERLAY ON BLACK HARD RUBBER. It has no seals and no slit in the gold plated nib, and no ink channel in the feed, so it isn't intended to write, but it's spectacular to look at and watch it work as the nib/feed unit travels smoothly out and then back in. ITEM #4923: WATERMANS RED, RIBBED, TRIPLE BAND PENCIL. nice clarity with a tight, 5/8" un-opened verticle stress crack in the cap, not near the lip, band, or clip, noticable only because of the translucent plastic used. Besides the CF pens, hese fit the "Lady" named smaller pens, including the Lady Patricia, but be careful; they won't fit the larger PATRICIAN, which is part of the Le Man line, if you are fortunate enough to have one of those. This piece also has the "IDEAL' baseball stamped extra piece at the top of the lever slot under the baseball on the top of the lever. I found a whole clutch of these in the inventory of an old pen shop that I bought. Bright chrome cap with gold plated clip with no brassing. Waterman pump-fillers are hard to find, but are truly rare in mottled. 1910 • CONDITION: G* • NIB: fine flex • 0 Click here for more images 10974: Waterman 412 SF: black hard rubber clipless sleeve-filler with sterling silver "Filigree" overlay, 13.3 cm long, #2 New York nib is smooth and lively, number at end of barrel is worn away, sleeve overlay bears initials and date. 1911 • CONDITION: VG • NIB: fine flex • 00 Click here for more images 11590: Waterman 18 SF: extremely rare black chased hard rubber sleeve-filler, 15.4 cm long; well-used, with sleeve imprint barely visible, chasing worn, two cracks in cap lip stabilized by insertion of a metal ring inside the cap (see details), surface of hard rubber has been chemically reblackened.Waterman sleeve-fillers are uncommon in any size, but are almost never seen in sizes larger than #5.A few small patches of plating loss on the end glove of the pen, otherwise as new. 1929 • CONDITION: near mint • NIB: needlepoint firm • 00 Click here for more images 11255: Waterman Patrician: oversize black hard rubber lever-filler, 13.75 cm long, gold filled trim, emblem version with extra-wide solid cap band with enameled Lions badge -- a very rare pen, but heavily restored: cap lip has been replaced, sealed crack above clip, lever box is from a Hundred Year Pen, barrel imprint nearly completely worn away. 1929 • CONDITION: G* • NIB: fine firm • 5 Click here for more images 10048: Waterman 52V Persian pencil: uncommon and desirable material, 11.1 cm long, gold filled trim, good imprint, name on barrel, a small gouge to edge of cap crown (see details); uses 1.1 mm lead. 1930 • CONDITION: VG-fine • Click here for more images 12027: Waterman Lady Patricia pencil: red-veined "Onyx" celluloid and red hard rubber, 10.7 cm long, gold filled trim, uses 1.1 mm lead, strong imprints. 1930 • CONDITION: fine-exc • Click here for more images 12035: Waterman pencil: tan veined grey pearl "Steel Quartz", 10.6.5 cm long, gold filled trim, uses 1.1 mm lead, matches 92V fountain pen. 1932 • CONDITION: exc • Click here for more images 12033: Waterman pencil: tan veined grey pearl "Steel Quartz", 12.5 cm long, chrome plated trim; strong imprints, scrape to top back of cap, uses 1.1 mm lead, matches 3 fountain pen. 1932 • CONDITION: fine* • Click here for more images 9338: Waterman 92 pencil: red and gold, 12.7 cm long, gold filled trim, uses 1.1 mm lead, bold imprints, beautiful color -- a scarce and desirable material. 1933 • CONDITION: exc-near mint • 5 Click here for more images 11646: Waterman desk pencil: green pearl, 20.2 cm long, gold filled trim, barrel 10.6 mm in diameter (same size as Patrician pencils), uses 1.1 mm lead, mechanism propels and retracts; new old stock, minimal shop wear, splotches on nose cone are due to flaking clear lacquer originally applied as a protective coat. 1935 • CONDITION: near mint • 0 Click here for more images 9500: Waterman lever box assembly: original new old stock, 21.5 mm long, fits 16 mm long, 2.2 mm wide barrel slot, gold plated; as used on pens such as the 3, 2V, 92, 92V, etc. 1935 • CONDITION: mint • Click here for more images 11635: Waterman desk pencil: green pearl, 20.2 cm long, gold filled trim, barrel 10.6 mm in diameter (same size as Patrician pencils), uses 1.1 mm lead, mechanism propels and retracts; new old stock, minimal shop wear, splotches on nose cone are due to flaking clear lacquer originally applied as a protective coat. 1935 • CONDITION: near mint • 0 Click here for more images 11636: Waterman desk pencil: black celluloid, 18.6 cm long, chrome plated trim, barrel 10 mm in diameter, uses 1.1 mm lead, mechanism propels and retracts; new old stock, minimal shop wear. 1935 • CONDITION: near mint • 5 Click here for more images 10023: Waterman Ink-Vue Deluxe: black lever-pump filler, 13.5 cm long, gold filled trim, Art Deco design with stepped ends, geometrically-patterned transparent barrel; strong imprints, excellent transparency, "GREEN" marked keyhole-vent nib, "Tip-Fill" feed, excellent condition but for name on barrel, scratches above imprint. 1936 • CONDITION: fine-exc • NIB: fine firm • 5 Click here for more images 12868: Waterman 3V: red pearl lever-filler, 10.8 cm long, chrome plated trim, "Tip-Fill" feed, nice precise nib writes an elegant line with restrained line width variation. 1936 • CONDITION: fine-exc • NIB: extra-fine semiflex • 5 Click here for more images 8923: Waterman Ink-Vue demonstrator: dealer's version in transparent celluloid, not sold to the public, 13 cm long, chrome plated trim, Tip-Fill feed; usual darkening to the barrel, a very clean example of a particularly uncommon, fully functional demonstrator.Fresh to the market -- came to us with a slightly later #5 needlepoint nib, Oregon store's name on barrel. 1936 • CONDITION: fine-exc • NIB: needlepoint rigid • 5 Click here for more images 12679: Waterman 7 Emerald Ray set in box: green and black pearl lever-filler, 13.8 cm long, gold filled trim, keyhole vent "Red" nib; Waterman's second-largest model of the era, very hard to find in any color other than black.

Waterman patented his invention in 1884, was selling 5,000 pens a year by 1888, and boasted sales of 1,000 pens a day the year he died in 1901. This is what you look for in a classic vintage pen. ITEM #4950: PORCELAIN "Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen / Selection - Service" SIGN. 5 BACK OF SIGN SHOWN BELOW ITEM #5010: FABULOUS CF SET IN RED W/ GOLD FILLED CAPS AND EXTREMELY CLEAN BOX. NO CORROSION ON THE GOLD FILLLED OVERLAYS ON THE SECTION - THEY ARE PERFECTLY CLEAN. The strength of the chasing is medium and the color is about 90%. 0 ITEM #4997: WATERMAN CF, FLEXIBLE NIB, NICKEL PLATED TRIM, BRUSHED STAINLESS CAP, NEW OLD STOCK W/ CHALK MARK & STICKER. With all of the above, it's an early 20th century eye-catcher. This is a CF from the original 50's issue, not the 80's re-introduction. 2 imprints on barrel, one on the center and one near the top, plus the usual "54" on the top. I've never seen the pencil these fit in, but if you have one, here are some refills for it, along with a cool box. ITEM #3366R: WATERMAN'S RED/BLACK HARD RUBBER #52 WITH WATERMAN'S MADE ADD-ON CLIP. Another one of those good old flexible Waterman #2s. Lever filling with "18K FILLED" printed on top of clip, dating this piece to earlier production. The dome on the cap is perfectly smooth and round, with no hammering around the circumference. This piece is 10 1/2" long and uses the spiral channel to propel the nib/feed assembly in and out, just like the old Watermans did. The inlay is often corroded away at the nib, but not on this example. It causes no detectable surface irreguarity (i.e., you can see the crack if you look closely, but you can't feel it). There is a rubber conical seal/seat built into the front of the convertor. ITEM #4163d: WATERMAN'S TAPERITE IN NEAR MINT CONDITION WITH FACTORY PRICE STICKER. I've left it intact because of the date placement this provides. I won't engage in the old standard argument about whether this is a Red Ripple or Rosewood; You decide from the photos. Overlay is nice and crisp with NO BRASSING OR DENTS. BHR color is dark, shiny black and uniform, with no change in shades where the cap overlaps the barrel. 0 Finally, this is what is being modeled here: ITEM #5288: WATERMAN'S CF FOUNTAIN PEN, BLACK W/ GOLD FILLED TRIM AND INLAY ON SECTION. You couldn't see it in a photo; it's too small of a detail. Hard to find convertors that fit the original 50's vintage and the 80's vintage ("CLASSIC") Waterman's CF pens. I could call this MINT NOS condition except for the fact that is it has a not deep at all personalization in gold paint, "E. But it DOES still have a large, elaborate gold / red price sticker that hasn't been written-on or torn.

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